Ballyvary Hurling Club Launch a Virtual event (June Bank Holiday Weekend) to Support Daisy Lodge Project in Cong, Co.Mayo

Gruelling treatment regimes, daily temperature checks, daily medication, weekly trips to Crumlin hospital followed by weeks of steroids, blood checks, community nurse visits are only part of the life changes that come with the devastating diagnosis of childhood cancer. 32 children and young people age 0-18 are diagnosed every month in Ireland with cancer.

This diagnosis has an enormous impact on a family’s normal routine and often their plans are no longer a priority. The impact of cancer puts a whole new level of stress on a household with often childhood experiences stolen and limited social opportunities.

Initially, for a parent, there is no time to deal with their own emotions, stress, anxieties, financial worries, and exhaustion. They have to solely focus on the child’s treatment, upskill on daily nursing duties to be completed at home and try to keep the show on the road for the child and other siblings. Their workload increases three fold leaving their spirits broken, bodies physically and mentally shattered, and exhausted.

For most families, there will be a positive outcome but for some, this is not the case. Some families may have to face dealing with the loss of a child.  For over 5 years Daisy Lodge has been providing short therapeutic services to families with a child 0-18 years of age battling cancer. Unfortunately, Daisy Lodge (Newcastle, Co.Down)  can only provide one out of seven families with a short therapeutic break and due to increased numbers, they are now looking to build a centre in Cong, Co.Mayo.

With the support of well-known golfer Rory McIlroy a stunning new site near Lough Corrib has been purchased, planning permission granted and the building design completed. Opening this centre will allow up to 1000 families to avail of therapeutic services where they can come and let their hearts, minds and bodies rest and heal.

Ballyvary Hurling Club is a juvenile club that has a mission of teaching values and culture of the game of hurling. As we return to play it is fantastic to see a thriving underage setup, enthusiastic coaches, and a return of the buzz around the training field at Ballyvary pitch on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. New members and coaches are always welcome to the club.

Faye Reilly is one of the club members. She recently completed a tough two and half years of treatment for leukemia. On returning to play with the U7 age group she launched an upcoming virtual event for the club which will run over this June bank holiday weekend 5th -7th June 2021. Our club feel that Daisy lodge is the perfect fit to link in with on our annual fundraiser.

It is a ‘ 5k to 10k’ Your way. – Walk, Run, Cycle, Climb, Swim! All funds will be split between the club and the charity.

Families and individuals can register on If you can please share your posts on social media and tag the Ballyvary Hurling Club.

Please get out there and support this event. It would be a fantastic facility to have in the West of Ireland bringing many job opportunities and voluntary work.  Hopefully, no one belonging to you will ever need it but your support for this event will help get this project off the ground and provide necessary services for families in our region who do need it the most.

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